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British Walkers were a two toned color suede shoe with tassels on the front. They were popular in New York..Guys sported them with Kangols, Mark Necks and a pair of Cazel frames. What happened to British Walkers?
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ajpaulghetto - September 03, 2007 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
i copped 2 pairs on 9/3/07...from mens walkers on 125th street in harlem.
Dred - December 01, 2007 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Just gotta a pair from Men's Walkers on 125th.....thanx man.
cue - February 15, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
I'm from the Virgin Islands i do remember those shoes mad shoes up to now I have an almost brand new pair still ....... believe me and some day I was looking for a store that sells them and I found this site call old school british walkers. It's been awhile now, now i'm back in the islands living ... well trust me I am going to copp some other ones
DJ Marco Polo - March 03, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
I am original old school head and I had flavors of these. My favorite was the Burgandy Lace up's These where hot. Then the Wallabee's came out and took over. The British walkers were the official Uptown shoe and the clark wallabee's were the Brooklyn shoe. Then came the Ballys Alexis. Another Throw back for you. Things were so much better back in the days.
Pierre - March 13, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
This shoe was the fire do you hear me. Burgundy was the colr slip on of course with the tassle. Nothing like rocking a pair withe a matching CHAMS de BARON button down, Navy BLue Calvins Or LEE Demins ANd Of Course THEE KANGOL, A pair of Cazelle's And APeterbilt JACKET. Your ready to hit the Duece.
SWADE SKI - May 18, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
tahoe of makemyshirts from the BX - June 30, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
british walkers where the shoes to have. with a mock neck and pair of lee jeans with the perminate crease n kangoo. members only jacket... u were the man for sure.. if i find em, imma wear em
brew45 - July 08, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
You gotta remember the patent leather two toned walkers with the corterfield coat with fox collar from D STREET.
Allnat - August 20, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Yo, remember the wing tip playboys... they was DOPE! I used to rock the chams, two-toned burgundy & grey suede british with the calvin's and remember the stradler coat that you could get on delancy...crazy fat!!!
Miggy Montana - August 21, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Yeah those were the days rocking the british with the straight legs lees suit with the mock neck of course and dont forget the one and only kangol. Nothing like the old days.
Angel - September 07, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Sorry, guys. The only store I knew about on 125th Street in Harlem no longer exist. Does anyone know where I can buy a pair of these classic shoes for my husband?
Lawrence - September 08, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Hi Angel, There's a store on 36th and 8th ave. They sell them. I forgot the name of the store. But my cousin just picked up a pair. I'll be heading there myself.
izzy..bklyn - September 17, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
yo i remember sportin british walkers witta pair of sharkskins or plaids,a mockneck and a sheepskin witta beaver da 80's gangstas were clean...ironed erthing!not bummy like 2day
bully b - October 02, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Ay Lawrence did you get the name of the store that sells the BW's i'm in PA but i'll be NY next week i don't wanna leave w/o copping a pair or two and possibly the playboys too,hit me back asap.PEACE
Michael - October 06, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
do anyone know the name of the store on 36th and 8th that sail the british walkers shoes, i am living in virgina and would like to call to see if they have the suede ballys
ole-skool - October 22, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
36th and 8th ave....Still sell Sanders(Playboys Chukka-with the british flag inside of the shoe)@ $220 a pop but they have a cheaper version like GBX. The Orginial British walkers they sell as well. Every year I purchase about $700(2 or 3 pair of the orginal old-school shoes). I'm 47 and I was rocking all of old school kicks of the late 70's and early 80's...check out 36th and 8th ave.
DJ Marco Polo - October 28, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Yeah I'm back with another comment about the classic British Walkers. I'm check out 36th st. But They don't make the hot joints like these no more. and Bruh man yeah I feel you on Bring back the suede Bally's I had Blue beige use to rock them with a suede Front jacket. Yeah I long for those days
TAE - November 29, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
biz - December 01, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
the old school playboys and such can be found on 125th st.,near lenox.
BIG C - December 01, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
I keep hearing about the BW's being sold on 36th and 8th ave but nobody is giving the name and number of the store, i'm PA so get back at me,QUICK. PEACE
JAY - December 11, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
keepin it ol skool rememberin when we were vining w/the playboys w/an alpaca, a beaver yo, sharkskins, persian lamb leather and my bamboo shades. is there a sight online where i can get me a pair of playboys
BIG C - December 13, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Stacey Adams has shoe called the Canyon thats real close to the Playboys.GO to stacey check em out then holla back. PEACE
Ev - December 21, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Man you all bringing back memories, my favorite pair of British Walkers were a Blue and Light Blue pair of Suede and Leather BWs. Pair of Calvins or Lees, Stradler 3/4 Trench or Sheepskin, Mock Neck or Alpaca sweater, (my favorite was a royal Blue with White, Lt Blue and Royal V's on the neck or the Carnigan sweaters w/ the stripes running down from Delancey. Shark Skins or Plaids, and do not forget the Nylon Socks w/ White tube socks underneath or the Argyles w/ the Clarks Wallabees, Desert Boots or Clark Padmore. And yes, cannot forget those Playboys, they are back???? I have been down in Florida, please say it is so. I remeber my Rust suede pair of Ballys. And two-Toned Cazals and the YSL frames.
Mr.Gilmo - December 23, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Been lookin' for Playboys for some time....How old are ya'll anyway?...If you don't remember Paris underwear you ain't old enuf. They used to come in every color in the rainbow....they were nylon..felt good like silk, especially when you were slow dancing to the Delfonics, or the Mad Lads,or Love Men the had to be there...Yo,..check out, free shipping on purchase and return...they sell that Stacey Adams Sanders shoe from the previous note, and it's real close to Playboys...maybe they bought out the company. Anyway check out Mcreedy and Schreiber 213 E.59st NYC off 2nd/3rd Ave 212/759-9241....they never stopped selling Playboys. I used to stop in there at lunch time in the 70's. Had a pair of red patent leather low cut...even the shoe repairman could resole them when they wore out. Florsheim used to sell them..That's where I bought mine. You could wear them to be fly......, then go play ball without changing into your Cons or Pro-Keds. Anyway,..God Bless Ya'll and Merry Christmas.
G MIKE - December 28, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
i'm originally from brroklyn new york, and i to am a british walker fan. i had just about every pair back in da day, wish they were still around
O.R. - December 29, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
I would like for some one to give me a up to date address and phone number of the place in new york that has britisher shoes.... I need at least 6 pair , peace....O.R.
Chris D. - December 30, 2008 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Had a blue pair with the light blue stripe. Would love to have another pair.
Do or Die - January 01, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
To my most memberable combo was a beige leather /a the beige suede stripe,rocked with either beige corduroys or black Bill Blass jeans /a beige stiching... Man those were the days yo!
Do or Die - January 01, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
But I want to know about those bally's too.Does anyone have info on those? P.S. On Those beige BW's I was the first to rock the velcro strap
DoublePromo - January 07, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Nothin' like a pair of British Walkers (aka Britishers). About five years ago I found someone that had some DEADSTOCK 80's Britishers and I copped a pair, not thinking I should have picked up a few pair. About 2-3 years ago I copped the newer Britishers (tan pair, black pair). Was just up on 125th today and Men's Walkers is closed - I have no idea where they moved to, but a brotha has got to cop a couple pair of Playboy's (not the GBX fugazy's).
DoublePromo - January 07, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
OK I went over to Mike's Shoe Plaza just a little while ago and copped the brown suede Playboy shoes and they are having a sale right now; $180 a pair! I saw the brown suede and black suede, and burgundy leather, black leather, and I think olive green leather and all those were also $180 a pair. They've also got British Walkers for $50 a pair. Jump on it now!
nwahsybsnad - January 16, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
peace everybody, i was down 125th 3 weeks ago bought a pair of playboys deep cranberry(some people say burgandy) with the thick black bottoms suede joints, they also have leather joints classic too. Paradise shoes 125th right before harlem river drive entrance. peace.
nwahsybsnad - January 16, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
i would like to thank you brothers for bringing me back, eventhough im not from newyork, i always admired style and newyork has style the early 80s were the best mocnecks,cazals,medilaion peices, kangols britishes, playboy, ballys, straight leg with permanent creases, plaids, chams, d hats,sheepskins, name belts, bombers, i lived that and it remains deep in my thoughts. peace to new york style forever oh i forgot black suede pumas with the silver stripes.?????
Rick J - January 18, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Just went to Mike's on 8th bet 37th & 38th. Got 2 pairs of British...Brown/Rust and Ice/Ice slip ons. Not much in big sizes 12 & 13. Has tie ups also. Very happy just to get 2 pairs. He said to check back in a few weeks, he might have more. FINALLY!!!
D33zle - January 19, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
I submitted a comment on this subject on about 1-13-09 the comment was taken off later on that day. I would like to know why. I also submitted a picture of a pair of Britishers and a sheepskin coat could somebody let me know what happened? my user name for is mookeychase.
Mike's Shoe Plaza - January 20, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Boy, you guys wiped us out of all the big sizes. 11,12, and 13's are pretty much all gone. Where are the 8-10 and a halfs??? I would like to just say it has been a pleasure seeing some of you come into the store and speaking with you guys on the phone.
MOOKEYCHASE - January 20, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
I Copped 2 pair back in November'05 in B-more the beige suede W/brown leather & blue suede W/brown leather. My only regret is the only tie-ups were the suede ones the Saxons(slip-ons) are the only leather that came back out.I remember we used to rock the blue,gray,burgundy,creme,green,black,white,two tone or solid wit the leather stripes or suede on the front. They had all colors to match your sheepskin w/ the matching hat & gloves or puff leather bombers wit the Lee flavor straight legs.We also rocked the Calvin K.flavors and the Bill Blass wit the suede or leather front sweaters or the Levis suits wit the turtle necks in B-more in the 80S.When I would go to Brooklyn to visit my cousins I would see dudes rockin the mock necks and sheepskins or bombers,and the Cortifiels wit the beaver fur Kangols the styles were similiar but not the same. But still yall did bang the Britishers and Playboys.I know Britishers were worn from B-more to Boston a East Coast thing for sure.I went and copped the all black suede tie-ups but thats all they had.I called Mikes about gettin the leather tie-up & tassles flavors back. Marc said he would have to see.Now that the company knows they will sell wit no probs,we should get the flavors back. Yo, just think the 80s had so much style, today these young cats don't have their own style everybody dresses the same from 13yrs.-45 but in the 80s we had our own style. Peace to my 80s old heads 1luv
Still-Hot - January 23, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Citi Shoes on 57th St. still sells Sanders shoes(Playboys) for about $220 a pair. Sanders shoes provides the best high end quality playboy shoes in the world. They are made in the U.K. and with a pair of your favorite jeans with your leather coat(from Orchard St) and matching leather or suede Sanders Shoes(Playboy). When I rock my leather or seude Sanders Shoes(Playboys) with a leather or suede coat that matches....I'm showing the young boyz how the old-skool playaz get down. The style is still hot and girlz from 25 to 55 love the style. Those were the days when dressing different separated you from the rest of the pack. I'm 47 years of age and my oldest son who is 21 just looks and steer and say...Dad you think you are Kool and I just look and say no! I know I'm kool ask your mom and your girl friend who wishes dressed with style and not like everyone else. The 80's player/b-boy style never just gets better with old skool playaz like up. Keep ballin playaz from the 80's and show the young boyz how its DONE.
DoublePromo - January 23, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Of course we all remember the cortofiel coats, the mock neck shirts, the shelltoe Adidas with the dingy shell, but does anyone remember Martin Brothers on Fordham Road back in the 70's when they sold the Lee jeans with the ONYX patch on the back pocket? There were two versions of the patch - one with big capital letters ONYX, and ONYX with the baseball bat (I think it was a baseball bat). Anyone else remember a brew called Neuweiler IX? Back in the day when it was all about Ballantine, Colt 45 (anyone remember the little bottles of Colt 45 shaped like a little barrel with the wooden handle?), and of course Olde English (aka Old Bing). Now I'm just waiting for the day if/when Bally comes out with the Aden and Alex shoes again. And what about a pair of AJ Lesters? The two-tone joints with the flap down the side of the pants that we used to iron open to show the color? Or how about the rain-drop AJ Lesters? BTW, a brohem was born and raised on 170th and Webster - the Boogie Down!
AllNat - January 23, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Yo, I was down at Mikes today on 8th av(Jan 23) and I got two pair of british for $100. The all white suede and the two-toned rust and brown. The playboys is fire too. the mustard color!...blazin'. If anybody knows where to get the Chams shirt holla back or the Lee "onyx" jeans.
kidwave - January 23, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
man....i helped on the wipe out....went to mikes and got 6 pair!!!!!all addicted all over again..Where dem ballys at???????????????
MOOKEYCHASE - January 25, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Yo I talked to Mark today at Mikes Shoe Plaza he said the company that makes Britishers is done! He said he told them how many they sold daily, how many orders they had waiting, how many orders they could pay for up front, they said they don't care they are thru wit the shoe. I'm kinda disscusted because I thought that by selling so many pair they would bring back the flavors and we could get it like it used to be but apparently not, damn. Man I love Britishers it was one of the slickest shoes ever made real talk.It still looks as good as it did 27 yrs ago even some young dudes wit style asked me where I got mine from. Man I was lookin forward to the Burgundy,the Gray, the Blue,all the leathear tie-ups wit the tassles and stripes on the front.I guess They don't care about us in the hood they got rich in the 80s.But damn they can get rich again yo dudes be stopping me in the streets in stores everywhere I go it's a 80s dude asking me where can he cop.So I hope something changes if not they got the R.J colts I might have to bang a pair for the look.
MOOKEYCHASE - January 26, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Being though I'm a true 80s old head wit a real love for the 80s and the 80s style I diligently went on a quest for the shoe all slick dudes from my decade used to rock Britishers or British Walkers.Sadly I report that after talking to Marc at Mike's I tried to locate the manufacturer of the shoe and I googled Original Britishers and came up with the owners named DNM LLC, in Jersey. My intentions were to talk to them about the shoe.Further probing led me to see it was really a company called Khadim Holdings in West Bengal, India that made the shoe so maybe the people in Jersey fell out wit the dudes in India and that's the reason they not gonna make the shoe no more cuz i can't imagine them turning down that loot. So I called the company that makes the RJ Colt brand of the shoe which is called Nashville and they say they have stopped making it also it shipped out the last order to Foot Action and Foot Locker in June 08. So it looks like if You didn't catch Mike or one of the other spots you might be out of luck so if you have some you better take good care unless some one else decides to make them they're officially dead!Thank God I got a few pairs! Peace 1luv Dee
MOOKEYCHASE - January 28, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Yo that's what I'm talkin bout Nat! Yo these companies out here in business to make money so I know if they had a clue how quick Mikes sold out and all the other spots thanks to this website they would even take custom orders. Something def had to happen between them and the people in Jersey. I'm in B-more and we had 'em in 05-06 even though they wasn't in the flavors we wanted they still sold and alot of dudes missed out and now want in. So even if we gotta send our money in or market them or whatever we gon make it happen. Yo I gotta have the all leather tie-ups wit tassels and bars on the front,tell me what shoe is slicker than the Britisher 25+ years later? PEACE Dee
Allnat - January 28, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
Yo, I feel you Mook, everybody on this blog need to email this company and let them know that we want this shoe again. So let's get busy!...remember the hi-top british, I used to rock mad flavors, like the blue and beige suede w/ the velcro strap...Man we got to get it crackin'! I already picked up some mocks and I got a fresh pair of plaids that I'm gonna rock this spring and have all the brotha's Lol!
kidwave - January 28, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
werd..........good idea...but where did u get those mocks???????????????????????????????
Allnat - January 28, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
I got my mocks on the way to mike's at a store called Penguini's men's fashion on the corner of 38th and 6th Ave.
MOOKEYCHASE - January 28, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
What up Nat, Damn son you got mocks? Yo I'm that type of dude I will cold bring back something from the day cuz yo if you think about it, like I said in my other post we was fresh in the 80s these kids today aint got no style that sets them apart.Our style, the sheepskins the bombers with the Britishers to match the kangols mocks chams Calvins Lees all-lat. I loved the spring and summer wit the Lee flavors and the matching BVD tees and boxers wit the Brits, that was strait hood and Hip-Hop. Back then you aint see everybody bangin that, like now these kids dressing like white boys wit all this American Eagle and Abercrombie and Hollister which aint nuffin wrong wit it but the hood had a defined look that said we street and REAL FRESH! Plus most of the stuff we used to rock still looks good today. Imma try to get to NY this weekend and cop some mocks I was on this website and I saw a Cortifiel wit a fur collar man this joint was so fresh plus I was in the mall I saw triple fat came back out wit a bomber but it wasn't leather, it was this new leather plastic look thats out right now but it bought back memories ya now? Yo I e mailed them dudes soon as I saw your post and good lookin cuz I see you as determined as I am to get these joints back poppin again. PEACE My Mellow, Dee
Allnat - January 29, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
That's what's up Mook! remember the colored lee's wit da pinstripes and the cardigan sweaters wit da pinstripes! cat's used to be fly! they had sheepskins in mad colors too, up here. I'm still trying to find the bally's. Imma go to delancey street and Jamaica Ave. and see what's up. If anybody else find'em holla at the true old skool cat's on this blog. Yo mook go to this site, and check out the ol skool battle tapes wit da cold crush, fantastic 5 all dem olskool MC's who laid the foundation. This site is straight ol skool. My man Troy put it down.
kidwave - January 29, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
yeahhhh!!sombodee find dem lees...they was the ish..wit bvds or letigre flavors or suade fronts and remember when we used to stuff the sock under the tounge of the shell toes to make it look puffed up...or stuff plastic inside the chauffeur hats to make them stay puffed up and all those was the dayzzz........need them mocks good lookz on that!
MOOKEYCHASE - January 29, 2009 - Mark this comment as inappropriate
What up Nat, Yo I tried to log on to that site but i had problems getting past the first screen. It was a blank screen then it wouldn't let me go no farther, Yo I don't know if you down wit you tube but that's where I get all my old music fast and slow you name it they got cuz I dont listen to this ish on the radio so I gotta have Mr Magic Marley Marl World Famous Supreme Team music Ya heard? But I will try again and tell what I think but if it is what you say it is Imma love it. Yo go to yoou tube and punch in Beat Street subway battle and see NYC breakers and Rock Steady I remembered that scene when they had on all the fresh gear blue sheepskins Crazy Legs had on his Levis suit under his gray sheep dem dudes had on the turtle necks and the puffed leather bombers some had on the puma windbreakers Yo you gotta see it, it will take you straight back to 84! Yeah Kidwave, I remember all them Lees son and the two toned and the pinstriped and the Bill Blass indeed! PEACE Homies Dee

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